‘We like listening to our customers to cooperate on creating the best possible products’

“Animal health is becoming increasingly important at livestock companies. Only healthy animals can provide the best results. Hygiene is very important in this respect. This includes keeping illnesses out and preventing the spread of illnesses within and between companies. All the more reason for VDK Products to have been focussing on calf housing and storage and transport of animal waste and cadavers for over a quarter of a century.

"We sell the best products for a healthy approach to raising calves under the CalfOTel brand. We have a clear vision on calf housing and develop our products accordingly. Our Flexxstore brand offers a complete range of products for collecting, transporting, and the cold storage of animals waste and cadavers. Hygiene and ease of use are key in the development of these products. We also listen to the needs of our customers. This has resulted in very practical products. Sound products that have been tested extensively in practice. If you have any ideas about improvements or new products for our range, we would be happy to hear from you.”

Bert Piëst
CEO VDK Products